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Houston, TX

(832) 589-9354

Handmade bohemian modern jewelry designs infused with heart chakra energy from Houston, TX.

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about lovecraft.

The name "lovecraft." is a play on words serving dual meanings. Partial homage to one of my favorite sci-fi mystic and writer H.P. Lovecraft. I have always held deep interest in mysticism and magic. The central meaning of my name is derived from the center of creation; the union of polarities from our divinity and our humanity: the heart. My greatest teacher, my sole purpose to live and to create is to love. It is my mission in life to tune into this Divine energy the Source of all creation and to allow it to move through me and all around me and radiate love and light. My journey to self-realization has encompassed various methods that have expanded my consciousness. I hold these practice very sacred and dear to my heart and they have inspired the evolution of my craft and what it mean to create.

Lovecraft. designs are artistic interpretations of Divine Love energy channeled through meditation and heightened states of consciousness. I’m deeply inspired by the history of talismans from cultures across the globe, therefore infuse my designs with this intention and energy offering protection, guidance, love and light energy to its adorner.

lovecraft encapsulates the marriage of contrasts between industrial & organic elements; a blend of remnants of time past and our most precious gift of the presence of here and now: lovecraft. captures the wearers' personal authenticity while acting as their own personal armor.

Each lovecraft. masterpiece is designed and handmade deep in the heart of Houston, Texas by designer and creator Stephanie DeLeonardis. All materials are sourced ethically and without harm to mankind or our Earth.